In 2005 

  • We will build 4 Town houses on Cleveland Street.
  • We will build 1 handicap accessible single family home. 
  • We will break ground for our Neighborhood Service Center on Holmes Street.
  • We will rehab 3 homes in the community.
  • We will begin construction on a 15 unit elderly apartment.
  • In the Spring of 2005 we will build a volleyball court.
  • In the Spring of 2005 we will build a community garden.
  • Economic development will begin (retail buisnesses in the community)

The Neighborhood Service Center will offer classes to new home owners on: Financial Planning, Budget Preparation, Landscape maintenance, and Tax Benefits of Home Ownership.       

The center will hold Alanon meetings, computer classes, information on Wills and Living Trusts, and social events.

In addition, classes will be offered for the elderly on:  Applying for Section 8 Housing, Food Stamp Assistance, Medicaid Benefits, cooking classes, social activities, and Prescription Drug Programs.


Children's Park

The Children's Park is nearly complete and has been open to the neighborhood to use.  The park features a children's sized basketball court and hopscotch.  A free basketball camp was held on July 23rd coached by a neighborhood resident whom is a community basketball coach.  There was a terrific turnout and the kids really enjoyed themselves meeting new friends and learning the game of basketball. 


Neighborhood Center Coming Soon!

Ground breaking in June 2005

Expected completion:  October 2005

Located on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Holmes St.



Economic Development

What will the neighborhood be?

  • It will be a place where you and your family can have breakfast together because there is a restaurant nearby.

  • It will be a place to work because there are businesses.

  • It will be a place to shop because there are retail stores.

  • It will be a great place to raise a family or retire.

It will be a great place to live.

Future Projects